Original costume ideas for this Halloween 2015, in Toronto

Halloween is a time where it is socially acceptable to dress like a complete weirdo and walk the streets of Toronto and not only get away with it but also get high-fived for it. But you aren’t going to win the best dressed award if you re-use the same cat costume you’ve been wearing for the past two years and that first year in University when you didn’t know if it was cool to go all out or not yet.

Anyways, getting back on topic, here are our top predicted original costume ideas for this Halloween 2015 in Toronto (feel free to use these):

  • Justin Trudeaus and Steven Harpers

This one is a no brainer; I’m convinced there will be a large amount of curly haired prime ministers and several angry Harpers walking the streets on the 31st.


  • Bautista and his bat toss or any epic Blue Jays player really

This one will be most popular with the true Blue Jays fans that either don’t mind spending minimum $100 on full baseball gear and attire or don’t mind spending that kind of mullahs in preparation for next year’s season.  All I ask is that you don’t actually toss your bat, unless you want to break some poor ghouls face, and possibly get kicked out of the party.


  • Girls wearing “the dress”

I read somewhere that the controversial blue and black/white and gold dress was made as an official Halloween costume to be found in the nearest costume store near you. My bet is at least ten girls will show up to Halloween Massacre like this.


  • Minions

These yellow bundles of cuteness are everywhere, who wouldn’t want to dress up like Stuart, Bob or Kevin?



  • Kanye West in presidential campaign

Kanye is such a character and his fashion sense is a bit out there, I’m not quite sure what he would look like as a president, needless to say, I’m excited to see what Halloweeners that dress up like him will create.


  • Christian Grey

The fifty shades of grey character that all the skimpy fake nurses and police officers might have to spend a little more time on.


  • Straight outta Toronto people

Another movie that started a social media frenzy, I remember seeing a whole bunch of “straight out _____” pictures on the suggested page on instagram. I’m expecting a handful of these cool dudes wearing Straight Outta The Six t-shirts to be bobbing their heads on the dance floor when a Snoop Dogg song comes on over the speaker system.


  • Orange is the new black characters

Okay, so this isn’t a 2015 phenomenon, but it still resonates! This is a great group costume that won’t be considered skanky – or is it??


  • Pablo Escobar

Another Netflix obsession, or maybe its just mine.  Either way, I think it would be cool to see a few Pablo Escobars and his crew out and about for la noche de Halloween.


Last but not least,


  • Anybody from the cast of Back to the future

We all now know that the cubs are not winning the World Series (yay, go Blue Jays!) but I fully expect/hope that someone rides up in a DeLorean!


Good luck choosing your Halloween costume! We would love to hear your feed back or share your original Halloween costume ideas that we missed (because still have not decided what I’m going to wear!).

BY Catherine Young